EU Company Law and Corporate Governance

UK Approach to EU Company Law and Corporate Governance

The UK supports EU action in the area of company law if it is focused on cross-border issues and trying to achieve objectives that could not be reached with action at national level alone. We believe, however, that any EU action should be based on clear economic objectives, should reflect market needs and should resort to legislation only when all other alternatives have been fully considered.


The UK approach to EU company law has been set out in more detail in a DTI publication, ”The UK approach to EU company law and corporate governance” (which can be viewed by clicking on the link on the right of the screen) which was launched on 20 July 2005. It encourages UK stakeholders to get actively engaged in shaping the future EU agenda in this area and provides information on how stakeholders can get involved.

Links to information about Stakeholder Groups:

EU Advisory Group

European Corporate Governance Forum