Better Regulation at BERR

Cutting red tape and improving our regulation & policies is a key priority for BERR.

We aim for a light-touch regulatory environment, with less red tape and burdens on business, while protecting the public, consumers and employees.

We are reducing burdens on business through an ambitious programme based on the recommendations of the Philip Hampton and David Arculus reports.

Internally, BERR is working to ensure the principles of better regulation are maintained throughout our approach to policy-making at all levels throughout the Department. And on-going work in Brussels is helping to reform the EU regulatory environment.

In all this work our relationship with business is essential. We need business to tell us what’s wrong, and what needs to be sorted. We also need business to tell us when we have got it right.

On 10 December 2008 we published our third Better Regulation Simplification Plan.

The BERR Departmental report sets out each year a comprehensive picture of our regulatory reform achievements and goals.

BERR: annual report and accounts 2008

BERR works in close collaboration with other Government departments, in particular, through its Better Regulation Executive, who are based  in BERR and who have the lead responsibility for improving the regulatory environment across Whitehall.