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Ref. Date Subject
FSA/PN/018/2009 28 January Pacific Continental former chief executive and former finance director both banned and fined £80,000 and £95,000
FSA/PN/017/2009 26 January FSA bans Liverpool mortgage adviser
FSA/PN/016/2009 26 January Legacy Financial Planning Ltd fined £28,000 for failing to adequately explain risk to investors
FSA/PN/015/2009 23 January Entertainment Rights plc fined £245,000 for 78 days delay in disclosing inside information
FSA/PN/014/2009 22 January FSA extends waiver to firms on complaints handling
FSA/PN/013/2009 21 January FSA chairman sets out agenda for reforming financial regulation
FSA/PN/012/2009 20 January Update on FSA work on the sale of PPI
FSA/PN/011/2009 20 January Wolfson fined £140,000 for delaying disclosure of inside information
FSA/PN/010/2009 19 January FSA bans and fines broker £101,106 for mortgage fraud – also bans second broker
FSA/PN/009/2009 14 January FSA confirms extension of short selling disclosure regime
FSA/PN/008/2009 14 January Belgian private investor fined £176,254 for market abuse
FSA/PN/007/2009 13 January FSA and HM Treasury announce partners to help deliver Money Guidance
FSA/PN/006/2009 12 January FSA proposes to reduce rights issue subscription periods
FSA/PN/005/2009 9 January FSA clarifies disclosure requirements for directors
FSA/PN/004/2009 8 January FSA fines Aon Limited £5.25m for failings in its anti-bribery and corruption systems and controls
FSA/PN/003/2009 7 January FSA consults on changes to financial compensation scheme
FSA/PN/002/2009 7 January Insider Dealing: Financial Services Authority prosecutes Mr Neil Rollins
FSA/PN/001/2009 5 January FSA proposes to extend short selling disclosure regime