This section of the site will help you use and get the best out of the FSA website.

This section includes information about:


Navigating the site

The first channels of navigation are featured in the black band across the top of the page. Click on ‘About the FSA’, ‘Doing business with the FSA’ or ‘FSA library’ and you will see a secondary level of navigation on the left hand side. Many of these channels have subsequent navigation under them.

To keep the navigation clear and simple to use, only the navigation relating to the channel you are in will be displayed indicating which page you are on and how deep you are in the site. Links above your current page indicate shallower levels; you can use these to navigate back up through the site.  Links displayed below your current page are the pages available from where you are and take you deeper into the site.


Printing pages

If you use Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape, you can print any page within this website by selecting 'File' then 'Print' from the menu option. Most other browsers also have a 'Print' option – refer to your user’s manual for further help.

If you wish to print a PDF document, select the 'Print' command in Adobe's Acrobat Reader software.


Accessibility and standards

For information on accessibility, including how to access PDF documents and details of web standards we have used, please visit the Accessibility section.


Contact details

Please visit the Contact us section for details on how to get in touch with us.