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Holder's numbers

How do I check for Premium Bonds prizes?

To check for prizes you need to enter your holder’s number and not the Bond serial number. Your holder’s number will have either 9, 10 or 11 characters.

Holder’s numbers were allocated to all existing and new Bondholders from 1976 onwards in order to help us administer the Premium Bonds scheme - we wrote to everyone at the time to advise them of their number.

What is a holder’s/customer number?

A holder’s number, sometimes known as a customer number, is given to customers when they save or invest with us. Each unique number is used to link all the holdings and individual Bond numbers of a particular product for that customer.

You will need to quote your holder’s number whenever you contact us as well as giving us your account, Bond or Certificate number(s) - you will have one of these for each product you hold with us.

You should be able to find your holder’s or customer number on your holder’s card or certificate of investment. Please keep these in a safe place.

I don’t know my holder’s/customer number

If you cannot find a record of your holder’s or customer number, please write to us with your name, address, details of the accounts or investments you hold, purchase dates and amounts and any account, Bond or Certificate numbers. If you have moved house or changed your marital status and forgotten to tell us, please also include previous surname and/or addresses.

To make sure we provide the highest levels of security, we cannot disclose or update personal information without the Bondholder’s signature(s). If the Bond(s) were bought for you as a child, we may not have your signature on file in which case your signature should be witnessed by one of your parents (or another adult if your parent cannot sign) so that control of any Bonds can be transferred to you.

To help us deal with your request more quickly, please contact us at the office which deals with your product.

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