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The Hutton Inquiry
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Evidence referred to on 22 September 2003 - morning

Subject Inquiry File reference
Extract Alastair Campbells’ diary CAB/39/0001
Letter Adam Chapman to Martin Smith 16 September CAB/39/0003
Letter: Donald Anderson/Geoffrey Hoon 10/07/03 MOD/1/0073
Letter: Geoffrey Hoon/Donald Anderson 11/07/03 MOD/1/0082
Geoff Hoon interview 19/07/03 TVP/3/0238
Letter: Geoffrey Hoon/Gavyn Davies 09/07/03 MOD/1/0071
MOD Statement MOD/1/0067
No 10 press briefings on Iraq/WMD/BBC 03/06/03- 21/07/03 CAB/1/0220
Letter: PS/Geoffrey Hoon to PS/Jack Straw 11/07/03 MOD/1/0077
Letter: Geoffrey Hoon/Donald Anderson 11/07/03 MOD/1/0083
Letter: Donald Anderson/Geoffrey Hoon 14/07/03 MOD/1/0084
Minute: Richard Hatfield/Permanent Secretary 08/07/03 MOD/1/0054
Exchange at PMQs 04/06/03 CAB/1/0238
Ninth Report of the FAC, Session 2002 - 03: The Decision to go to War in Iraq FAC/3/0031
Note Martin Howard/PS Secretary of State 18/07/03 MOD/4/0006
Letter: From the Ministry of Defence to MA/DCDI etc 19.09.02 MOD/22/0001
Note on Iraq dossier 20/09/02 CAB/33/0115
ISC Report extract "Iraqi weapons of mass destruction - intelligence and assessment BBC/30/0006
Letter: Geoffrey Hoon/Gavyn Davies 08/07/03 MOD/1/0066
Aide-memoire Scarlett/Powell, 21/07/2003 CAB/11/0004
Letter: Gavyn Davies/Geoffrey Hoon 08/07/03 MOD/1/0068
Ninth Report of the FAC, Session 2002 - 03: The Decision to go to War in Iraq FAC/3/0009

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