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Environmental Statistics

e-Digest What's New and Publication scheme

e-Digest: Publication Scheme

e-Digest: What's New

Publication scheme: schedule for e-Digest data

Certain data published in e-Digest are released in compliance with the National Statistics Protocol on 'Release Practices'. As part of the guidelines a schedule is listed below showing expected release dates for those data. In most cases a formal press release will be issued on the day of publication by Corporate Communications, Defra.

The publication date is based on the best available information. Dates are refined to specific days about two weeks before publication.

See: National Statistics Code of Practice, Defra publication scheme

e-Digest publication scheme
Date Description
18/09/2008 Emissions of carbon dioxide for local authority areas: 2006 results

Recent changes to e-Digest

This listing provides links to recent changes made to the e-Digest Environmental Statistics.

Topics are reviewed at least annually with any new material added as soon as practical. Occasionally additional material becomes available which allows us to revise part of a topic or add data. Corrections are made to information or data on an irregular basis when necessary.

Date Topic Summary
7 August 2008 Waste and recycling Municipal Waste Statistics for Q3 2007/08 Statistical release 260/08
29 April 2008  Air Quality  UK Air Quality Sustainable Development Indicator: 2007 Final Results
27 March 2008 Climate Change 2007 UK Greenhouse Gas emissions, provisional figures - Statistical Release (PDF 117kb)
13 March 2008  Air Quality UK Air Pollutant Emissions: 2006 Final Results
8 February 2008 Waste and recycling Municipal Waste Statistics for Q1 2007/08 (experimental report) Statistical release 41/08
31 January 2008 Climate Change UK Climate Change Sustainable Development Indicator: 2006 greenhouse gas emissions, Final Results
31 January 2008 Sustainable Development Regional Indicators of Sustainable Development
24 January 2008 Air Quality Air quality indicator for sustainable development 2007 provisional results 16/08
22 November 2007 Waste and recycling Revised Estimates for England from the 2006/07 Municipal Waste Management Survey are available Statistical release 435/07
20 November 2007 Climate Change Local and Regional Carbon Dioxide estimates 2005
9 November 2007 EIYP The Environment in your Pocket 2007
6 November 2007 Waste and recycling Estimates for England from the 2006/07 Municipal Waste Management Survey are available: Statistical release 404/07
2 November 2007 Public Attitudes and Behaviours Statistical release: Report of the 2007 survey
18 October 2007 Wildlife Wild Bird Populations 2006: Sustainable Development Strategy and Public Service Agreement Indicators. Statistical release 372/07, Key Facts or In Detail
6 September 2007 Environmental Protection Expenditure by UK Industry Questionnaire and guidance notes for 2006 survey
28 August 2007 Inland Waters Updated Water Quality Headline Indicator statistics release 272/07. Updated Freshwater Quality section of this topic, including Regional and Local Authority database
14 August 2007 Public Attitudes and Behaviours Statistical release: Selected results from the 2007 survey
20 June 2007 Environmental Protection Expenditure by UK Industry Results of 2005 survey
1st May 2007 Air Quality Statistical release: Air quality indicator for sustainable development 2006 final results 119/07
21 April 2007 Waste Open University Household Waste Study. Report on 2006 data
29 March 2007 Air Quality Defra Statistical information Release 96/07: Provisional 2006 Uk Climate Change Sustainable Development Indicator and Final 2005 Air Pollutant Emissions
15 March 2007 Wildlife Wild Bird Indicators for the English Regions: 1994-2005, Key Facts, In Detail
31 January 2007 Climate Change Defra Statistical information release 24/07: Climate change indicator for sustainable development: 2005 (final figures) and initial results from 1990-2005 greenhouse gas emissions inventory
23 January 2007 Air Quality Statistical press release 15/07: Air quality indicator for sustainable development 2006 (provisional), Days when air pollution is moderate or higher (Key Fact) and Annual levels of particles and ozone in the air (Key fact)
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