How we inspect

Schools are not required, or expected, to make any specific preparations for inspection. A self-evaluation form is provided for schools to use and inspectors will always study this carefully before visiting the school, inspection teams do not require additional paperwork to be sent to them.

Contact with the school will normally be made by the Regional Inspection Service Provider (RISP) by email two clear working days before the inspection is due to start. It is very unusual for an inspection to be deferred, and Ofsted will only agree to do so in specific circumstances.

Selecting schools for inspection, scheduling inspections, and the deferral of inspections – information for schools


Reduced tariff inspections

Ofsted will conduct short, sharply focused inspections for a percentage of specifically identified schools using information from the PANDA (or its replacement, RAISEonline), the school's last report, and local knowledge. The inspection will use the standard framework and a report will be published in the usual way but the inspection will involve fewer inspector days.