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Welcome to the December 2008 edition

Inside view from Her Majesty's Chief Inspector

This issue of Ofsted News focuses on the Annual Report for 2007/08. It is good to present an Annual Report, which for the first time reflects my responsibilities as Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Education, Children’s Services and Skills. The report forms part of the accountability framework within which Ofsted works; I submit it to the Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families and it is laid before Parliament. In December I shall face the relevant Select Committee, whose members question me about the Annual Report’s findings and about Ofsted’s role and impact.

I hope you will read this year’s Annual Report, available on our website at You will see immediately that the evidence on which the report is based is impressive, and places Ofsted in a unique position to evaluate the quality of the provision of services that directly affect the lives of children, young people and adult learners. The evidence is drawn from the inspection or regulation of, for example, 11,100 day-care providers; 20,000 childminders; just under 8,000 schools; 150 colleges; 17 initial teacher training courses; 197 work-based learning providers; 18 secure children’s homes and four secure training centres. Forty-four joint area reviews of children’s services were carried out in 2007/08, about 5,000 inspections of children's homes; 480 inspections of adult learning providers and much more.

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