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FCO global network

Russian bike ride, thumb

1,000 miles in 10 days to honour Russian war veterans
Defence attaches at UK embassy in Moscow honour Russian war veterans by cycling 1000 miles in 10 days

Preventing extremism

Audience at a Radical Middle Way meeting

Muslim grassroots in the UK
The Radical Middle Way is a Muslim grassroots movement dedicated to making mainstream Islam relevant to young British Muslims.

Preventing conflict

Afghan women and children listening to the radio

Archers for the Afghans
How about swapping the Archers and Ambridge for a barber's shop in a rural Afghan village? Three times a week almost 14 million people across Afghanistan tune into the radio soap opera New Home, New Life – funded by the FCO and produced by BBC.

Low carbon economy

New low cost solar house, Betim, Brazil

Energy-saving houses in Brazil
Electricity consumption in parts of the city of Betim in eastern Brazil has gone down by 40 per cent over the past few months, helped by a project supported by the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO).

Effective international institutions

Bulgarian poster - protecting children on the web

Protecting children online
Internet use in Bulgaria is big and while that has many benefits it also carries many risks, particularly for children. To tackle the potential dangers head-on, a number of projects have been launched with UK help.

British economy

Baby tooth in BioEden lab. (c) BioEden

New role for the tooth fairy
Stem cells from babies' milk teeth are being frozen by a UK company as an insurance policy against diseases they might develop when they grow up.

Support British nationals

Hajj 2008 Friday prayer

Safe passage to Mecca
Last year, FCO's British Hajj Delegation (BHD) helped more than 25,000 British Muslims make a safe, sacred journey to Mecca.

Manage migration

India: successful UK visa applicant, Rajesh Sharma, using points based system

India leads the way with new points-based visas
Highly-skilled Indians who want to work in Britain can now apply for their visas under the new UK points-based system (PBS).