Social inclusion

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The Accessibility and Equalities Unit promotes socially inclusive transport, examining the links between transport and social exclusion, analysing social inclusion issues and the transport needs of different social groups, and liasing with other Government departments. It is also responsible for implementing the Race Relations (Amendment) Act, and the Social Exclusion Unit's report on transport and social exclusion Making the Connections: Final Report on Transport and Social Exclusion.

To find out more about what we do, read our 'Introduction to social inclusion'.

Social Inclusion: Transport aspects (1 Mb)

This project identified ways in which social inclusion and related concepts might be better integrated into the Department's current transport modelling and appraisal techniques.

16 March 2006

Children and young people

This section contains information on understanding the transport needs of children and young people. It includes strategies and approaches that could be used to promote their greater usage of existing facilities.

Older people's transport issues

With an ageing population transport provision needs to be flexible enough to be responsive to the differing needs of older people.

Women's transport issues

Understanding the transport needs and requirements of women.

Social exclusion

This section contains information about the Department for Transport's efforts to reduce social exclusion as it relates to transport issues.

Staff attitudes

Information on the causes and effects poor staff attitudes can have on passengers.

Minority, ethnic and faith communities' transport issues

The specific travel needs and requirements of minority ethnic and faith community groups.

Deep vein thrombosis

Research and other information about travel and deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

The Extent of Aspirin Use for the Prophylaxis of DVT on Long Haul Flights

Publication of the results of research into Aspirin use on long haul flights conducted on behalf of the Department of Health.

28 April 2006

Travel training schemes

Information about travel training schemes.

Government scheme gets more people on the buses

Report about a bus services initiative for people who lack access to transport.

20 January 2004

An introduction to social inclusion

Find out more about the Department for Transport's work on social inclusion.

04 October 2007

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