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Annual Reports

Here you can find our annual reports, information on our performance against our Public Service Agreement targets, reports produced by related organisations and by us on specific policy responsibilities.

For previous Departmental Annual Reports please visit the archive section of this site.

Department for Constitutional Affairs: annual reports

Reports from related organisations

Freedom of Information: annual reports

These reports relate to the implementation and operation of the Freedom of Information Act 2000. Until the Act came fully into force in 2005, the Secretary of State was required to report annually to Parliament on his proposals for, and the progress made on, implementation of the Act. From 2005 onwards, the reports focus on the operation of the Act in central government.

Please note that the Q2 2006 FOI monitoring report includes revisions to certain statistics on case outcomes from previous quarters. These replace and supersede the previously reported figures between Q1 of 2005 and Q1 2006. A full explanation of the revisions is contained in the report.

Judicial appointments: annual reports

Judicial pensions scheme resource accounts

The judicial pension scheme is an unfunded, salary-related, contracted out, occupational salary scheme open to most members of the judiciary. The resource accounts include financial accounts, statements and membership details of the scheme. We have been responsible for the central administration of the scheme since 1 April 2003. Previously, it was HM Treasury and the Cabinet Office.

The 2005-06 accounts were laid in parliament on 20 July 2006 and published on The Stationery Office website on 14 August 2006.

Judicial statistics: annual reports

These reports relate to the criminal and civil business of the courts in England and Wales for whose administration the Lord Chancellor is responsible. They also cover the work of some associated offices including the Public Guardianship Office, the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council and certain tribunals. Statistics relating to Northern Ireland courts are available separately from the Northern Ireland Court Service.

Annual report 2005 - revised version 14 August 2006

The original version of the judicial statistics annual report for 2005, published in May 2006, has been withdrawn following the discovery of a number of errors and inconsistencies in the report. A revised version was laid in parliament on 14 August 2006. We apologise for the errors in the original report and the inconvenience caused by the withdrawal and reissue of this publication.

Judicial statistics review

Our statistics team is currently in the process of reviewing judicial statistics. This review will be completed before the 2006 edition is published mid 2007. The publication has been withdrawn from our national statistics portfolio pending the completion of this review. Please email any comments relevant to this review to ESD.


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