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 15 July 2008

Driving theory test question set

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Posted by: Anna Smith

Public Sector Information Holder: Driving Standards Agency

Information Asset: Driving theory test question set

The problem

To pass a driving theory test, you must answer 50 questions taken from the official Driving Standards Agency set of 1200+ questions. Unfortunately, the only way you can find out what these questions are is by paying for online access (e.g. £6.99 for 30 days' access to the DSA's official theory test site at, or buying an official book or DVD.

This is because the driving theory test question set is Crown Copyright and can't be reproduced by anyone except the DSA or its commercial partners.

While this brings in revenue for the DSA (a trading fund), it seems counter-productive to charge people money to learn how to use the road safely. Anecdotally, at least some people don't bother, and rely on guesswork to scrape through the theory test - ultimately making them less safe drivers.

There are also usability problems with the DSA's site. For example, once you've finished a practice test, you can't return at a later date to re-take the questions you got wrong. You can't search the questions. You can't refer to the relevant bit of the Highway Code alongside the answer to the question. And you can't practice the 'hazard perception' part of the test at all online - you have to buy a DVD. All these problems make it harder to learn to use the road safely than it should be.

My ideal solution

I would like the complete driving theory test question set to be freely available in a structured format. Ideally, the practice hazard perception clips should also be available.

What I would do

Work with others to build a usable site that offered unlimited free practice tests.

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