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 18 November 2008

Civil Service Year Book

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Posted by: Michael Bimmler

Public Sector Information Holder: Cabinet Office

Information Asset: Civil Service Yearbook

The problem

At the moment, the Civil Service Year Book's online edition ( is only accessible via a costly subscription.

My ideal solution

The Civil Service Year Book's online edition should be open and accessible to everyone. Compare eg.: (European Union Who is who) (United States Government Manual) "Staatskalender / Annuaire fédéral / Annuario federale" of the Swiss government.

These three publications are very much similar to the Civil Service Year Book and have been completely "unlocked" by their respective governmental editors.

What I would do

Various uses are possible if the information is unlocked -- if "spam" or other "direct mailing / harassment" issues are a concern, then I refer to the three examples above.

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