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The Information Fair Trader Scheme

The Information Fair Trader Scheme sets and assesses standards for public sector bodies. It requires them to encourage the re-use of information and reach a standard of fairness and transparency.

There are two levels to the Scheme, Full IFTS Accreditation and IFTS Online Assessment:

For more information about either level please see the links on the left or contact the Standards Team for further information.

What’s new in IFTS

OPSI has published three IFTS reports

In July, the IFTS team visited MHRA. Interviews that we conducted while on site and the material that we reviewed indicates a well-run licensing process for which requests are transacted without undue delay. Pricing is transparent and based on an analysis of costs incurred. MHRA has consolidated the extensive work that it undertook to gain accreditation to IFTS and its plans to expand its activities are sound. It has been re-accredited to the scheme.

In August, we visited the newly-formed Land & Property Services of Northern Ireland, bringing together the Rate Collection Agency, Valuation and Lands Agency, Land Registers of Northern Ireland and Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland. The new organisation has taken the licensing expertise which resided in the mapping part of the organisation and utilised this as the focal point for all information licensing. Work is underway to evaluate the information holdings of the new body and LPS has been welcomed as a newly accredited member of IFTS.

COI were accredited to the Information Fair Trader Scheme in September. COI and their contractors have worked hard to ensure that the IFTS principles were met. Of particular note is the new contract to run the film library, managed by the British Film Institute, and also the work COI is doing on producing a comprehensive information asset list.

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