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Service Standards

Our promise to you

OPSI aims to provide a first class service to all our customers and will try to make sure that the following service standards are met.

Information trading

The Controller of HMSO has made a personal commitment to Information Fair Trading. This commitment requires HMSO to comply with the five principles of the scheme when trading in information:

More information on the Information Fair Trader Scheme is available.

For all enquiries and licence applications

We will treat all enquiries promptly and courteously and deal with all applications in accordance with the published procedures and guidelines.

We will answer telephone calls promptly, generally within five rings.

We will acknowledge and answer all routine enquiries and applications within three working days of receipt. In some cases it will take longer to respond, particularly if we have to consult others. In such cases we will let you know within three working days how long it will take before we can provide you with a detailed reply. This will normally be within 15 working days. If it takes longer, we will provide you with regular updates on progress. This will often be the case where we have to check the copyright status of material.

All applications to re-use Crown copyright will be registered within one working day of receipt. In cases where a licence from HMSO is not required, for example, if the licensing responsibility has been delegated to another department/agency or if the copyright has been waived we will tell you within three working days.

We aim to provide applicants with licence terms within 20 working days of receiving an application. This timescale is in line with the European Directive on the re-use of public sector information.

We will ensure that correspondence and applications are filed within five working days of receipt.

We will treat all correspondence and applications in confidence, although we will in some cases need to consult other parts of Government regarding matters such as the currency of the material you wish to use and its copyright status.

Guidance and policy

We will issue guidance to all users of Crown copyright material when there are changes in licensing policy. We will review all guidance on a six-monthly basis and provide details of any changes on our website.

Service satisfaction

If you are unhappy with our service please let us know. In the first instance, you can raise your concerns with your usual HMSO contact. If, however, you are not satisfied that the problem has been resolved or handled to your satisfaction you may wish to make a formal complaint. If this is the case please refer to our complaints procedure.