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Revised Legislation

The revised legislation on this site is extracted from the UK Statute Law Database (SLD). By ’revised’ we mean that the legislation is not in the form in which it was enacted but incorporates subsequent amendments to the text and other effects with annotations.

At present, only revised legislation made or enacted before 1988 is included here. For the revised text of later legislation, please go to the UK Statute Law Database.

The content of these pages reflects the most up-to-date version of the SLD text as it stood at the end of May 2008. (You should, however, check the message at the top of each item of revised legislation to find out whether there are any effects on it that have not yet been applied to SLD.) SLD does not contain any legislation that was wholly repealed prior to 1 February 1991. These pages will be refreshed at the beginning of December 2008 and thereafter at monthly intervals.

PLEASE NOTE: There are a number of items of pre-1988 revised legislation on the SLD site that have not yet been included in these pages. These will be added as they become available.


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