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Learning difficulties audit - easy read summary

A life like no other

A national audit of specialist inpatient health services for people with learning difficulties in England

About this easy read summary

People looking at a report

This is a short report that tells you the most important things from the bigger report.

You can get copies of the bigger report by telephoning the Healthcare Commission's helpline on 0845 601 3012 or looking on our website:

There is also a DVD, which tells you about people's experiences of doing the audit. It also shows some better practice in services. You can also get copies of this by telephoning the number above.

About the Healthcare Commission

About this audit

About people with learning difficulties and the services they get

How we did the audit

What we found out when checking these services

The main things we found out

What needs to happen

What the Healthcare Commission will do

What we expect others to do

Illustrations: copyright Pen Mendonca 2007

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