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Performance Measures


Climate change has entered the heart of local government performance and assessment:

  • 90% local partnerships have set one or more climate change improvement targets within their Local Area Agreements (LAAs)
  • From 2009 annual assessments of local performance will consider how well areas are planning for the impacts of climate change and reducing their emissions

What are the Performance Indicators?

From April 2008 a new national indicator set was introduced to monitor the performance of local government. The set includes 3 climate change indicators. Local authorities will be responsible for monitoring two of the indicators and DEFRA will publish data for the third.

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90% of LAAs include climate change targets

135 (90%) of Local Area Agreements (LAAs) include one or more climate change indicators among their nationally agreed targets. Two thirds of LAAs include the national indicator for reduction in CO2 emissions in the local authority area. This is the fifth most popular LAA target.

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