Training providers for international students

The UK Border Agency runs a points based system for managing entry to the UK. Under this system, organisations bringing migrants to the UK to train or study must be accredited by an approved body.

Ofsted is one such body. Details of others can by found at


Applying for accreditation with Ofsted

Complete a self-evaluation form, which can be downloaded from the link on the right, and post it to us at the address given at the end of the form. To avoid multiple applications being made, we will share information about your application with other accrediting agencies.

Once we have received your completed self evaluation form we will calculate the fee for your accreditation visit and write to ask you for the fee, which must be paid in advance. We charge for the cost of the inspectors’ time, typically £3,400 for a provider with up to 50 students and up to £5,600 for a larger provider with up to 150 students.

We will then contact you to agree a suitable date for your visit, which will normally last for two days and involve at least two inspectors.


What will happen during the inspection?

Ofsted accredit private education providers using the Common Inspection Framework (CIF). You can read or download the CIF and some guidelines, by following the links on the right.


More information

Should you have any further questions at this stage, please do not hesitate to contact Rebecca Irwin at Ofsted on