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Social care Includes independent adoption and fostering agencies, adoption support agencies and residential family centres. Local authority adoption and fostering services are also listed under 'Children's services by local authority'.

Care boarding schools 

Care in residential special schools 

Care in residential colleges See also 'Further education colleges' for our reports on the education and training provided in these establishments.

Children's and local services by local authority Children's services by local authority Includes Annual Performance Assessments, Joint Area Reviews, Youth Service Inspection Reports, Tellus2 Reports, adoption and fostering services, and other authority-wide reports.


Nursery and primary education 

Secondary education 

Independent education Includes primary and secondary education, and special schools.

Special schools All of our reports on special primary and secondary schools, whether independent or state-funded.

Service children's education Schools for children of the armed forces living overseas.

Pupil referral units 

Learning and skills

Further education colleges and sixth-form centres 

Teacher Training 

Adult Learning Includes European Social Fund provision, Next-step, Work-based learning, learndirect, Adult and community learning, Jobcentre Plus, Special colleges and Judical services.