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Latest additions to the library - This library was updated on 11 November 2008

3 Steps to a Warmer Winter
This 2008 campaign aims to mobilise older people to maximise their incomes through improving benefit take up and energy efficiency.
NHS Choices Behind the Headlines story on Vitamin B3 and Alzheimers
This article analyses a study reported in the media about mice that were given vitamin B3 and were protected from memory loss associated with Alzheimer's disease.
A study from CSCI of the effectiveness of arrangements to safeguard adults from abuse
This study focuses on what arrangements are in place across England to protect adults from abuse. The report finds that the current arrangements for safeguarding adults are inconsistent.
2008 Annual Evidence Update on Psoriatic Arthritis
The Musculoskeletal Specialist Library has released an Annual Evidence Update (AEU) on Psoriatic Arthritis. This document is based on a search of the literature for papers published between September 2007 and September 2008.
Best practice statement on maximising communication with older people who have hearing disability
This document aims to provide evidence-based nursing guidance to maximise communication with older people with hearing disability. In particular, it is relevant to older people in hospital, attending a day hospital or living in their own homes. It is intended to serve primarily as a guide to good practice and promote a consistent and cohesive approach to care.


Welcome to the Later Life Specialist Library. This site aims to meet the information needs of health care professionals who work with elderly people. It is also freely available to the general public, although some visitors may find NHS Choices a more appropriate web site for their needs, or telephone NHS Direct on: 0845 4647.
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This site contains the best available evidence to support people making later life health care decisions.  This includes content from a variety of sources:

  • Guidance from NICE, SIGN and various professional colleges and societies
  • Evidence based reviews from the NLH Clinical Knowledge Summaries, Bandolier and Evidence-Based journals
  • Systematic reviews from the Cochrane Library and DARE
  • Key publications and best practice articles from the Department of Health and WHO
    Patient information from UK charities

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