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Responsibility and cost sharing for animal health and welfare

The overriding objective of sharing animal health and welfare responsibilities between industry and Government is to achieve better management of animal disease risks so that the overall risks and costs are reduced. This work has the potential to fundamentally change the relationship between industry and Government to the benefit of both. Through the sharing of responsibilities, industry will be able to take greater responsibility for its own decisions and will have greater ownership of the risks. In addition, responsibility sharing will provide opportunities for improved regulation and a reduction in the regulatory burden in future. Government will benefit from increased industry involvement in decision making, which should mean a greater ability to respond and deliver outcomes more effectively and efficiently.

In order to maximise the benefits this work will need commitment from both industry and Government to work in a true partnership to address how decisions relating to animal health and welfare activities are made and how costs are apportioned.

Key documents


A series of workshops on Responsibility and Cost Sharing were held across England during February and March 2008. Further information is available here.

UK Responsibility and Cost Sharing Consultative Forum

We established this group of key stakeholders to help develop policy on Responsibility and Cost Sharing. The UK Consultative Forum met for the first time on 6 December 2006, and membership details and papers from later meetings are available.

Latest news

16 January 2008 - A series of free workshops across England Adobe acrobat pdf file (30 KB) has been announced.

11 December 2007 - Consultation: A consultation on “Responsibility and Cost Sharing for Animal Health and Welfare: Next Steps - Your Views Matter" has been published. The deadline for responses is 15 April 2008. A news release has been issued.

11 December 2006 -A consultation on “Responsibility and Cost Sharing for Animal Health and Welfare: principles” has been published. The deadline for responses is 12 March 2007.

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