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Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

On January 1st 2006 ITPC launched its CPD programme for all ITPC certificate holders.

The ITPC certificate proves your competencies and knowledge at a specified time. CPD lets you show how you have kept your competence up to date and how you have developed new skills.

Full details are in the CPD Guidance document. In summary, the candidate is required to select four competencies to develop during the year and undertake development activities in support of these: this may include formal training as well as other activities.

Although CPD was launched in January 2006 it is designed to run alongside annual reporting cycles wherever possible for convenience. Make sure you find out about it as soon as possible and to start recording your development activities in readiness for the end of 2006, when the first completed CPD forms are due to be sent in.

CPD will be required for all certificate holders: an annual CPD certificate will be awarded to those who fulfil the requirements, and these annual certificates should be used in conjunction with your original ITPC Certificate of Infosec Competency to prove your competence.