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Schemes of Work

Design and technology at key stages 1 and 2



Unit 1A. Moving pictures
Unit 1B. Playgrounds
Unit 1C. Eat more fruit and vegetables
Unit 1D. Homes
Unit 2A. Vehicles
Unit 2B. Puppets
Unit 2C. Winding up
Unit 2D. Joseph's coat
Unit 3A. Packaging
Unit 3B. Sandwich snacks
Unit 3C. Moving monsters
Unit 3D. Photograph frames
Unit 4A. Money containers
Unit 4B. Storybooks
Unit 4C. Torches
Unit 4D. Alarms
Unit 4E. Lighting it up
Unit 5A. Musical instruments
Unit 5B. Bread
Unit 5C. Moving toys
Unit 5D. Biscuits
Unit 6A. Shelters
Unit 6B. Slippers
Unit 6C. Fairground
Unit 6D. Controllable vehicles

What is this scheme of work?

This scheme shows how the design and technology programme of study for key stages 1 and 2 can be translated into manageable units of work.

The scheme is not statutory; you can use as much or as little as you wish. You could use the whole scheme or individual units. The sections on ‘using this scheme’ and ‘sequencing the units’ can help you to decide how you want to use the scheme.

The units are aimed at pupils who are attaining at levels that are broadly appropriate for their age. You may therefore need to adapt them to meet your pupils’ needs. The ‘Adapting units’ section provides guidance on doing this; we have also provided examples of how teachers adapted units.

You may also wish to combine these units with units from another subject. The ‘Combining units’ section gives information on exploiting powerful links between subjects.