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Welcome to the Phonics website

This site is intended to offer schools and early years settings support in choosing an effective phonics teaching programme.

Core criteria
To do this we have provided a set of core criteria that define the key features of an effective phonics teaching programme. The core criteria build directly on the recommendations from the Rose Review for 'high quality phonic work'. All the principles underpinning the recommendations from the review are integral to the revised Primary Framework for literacy and the new Early Years Foundation Stage.

The core criteria are accompanied by explanatory notes which are designed to help schools and early years settings in understanding and applying the criteria. Schools and early years settings should, with the support of their Local Authority, assess their phonics teaching requirements and ensure that they have effective phonics support programme in place.

Self-assessment process
To assist schools and settings in choosing suitable support we have asked publishers of commercial phonics materials to complete a self assessment of their products against the core criteria. If you are a publisher you can access the blank self assessment form and guidance on how to fill it in here.

Both full programmes and resources are represented on this site. We advise that all self assessments are looked at in conjunction with the core criteria.

Please note that although schools and settings can view completed self assessment forms of various materials on this website to decide how they fare against the core criteria, the Department does not endorse, rank or otherwise prioritise the publishers or programmes that appear on this site.

Letters and Sounds
The Primary National Strategy has now published 'Letters and Sounds' which replaces 'Playing with Sounds' and 'Progression in Phonics'. We are not promoting 'Letters and Sounds' as the preferred phonics programme, merely one of many high quality phonics teaching programmes which meet the core criteria.

Further information
Please look at our myth busters and FAQs for further information.

We would welcome your feedback on how useful you find this website.