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Music at key stage 3



Unit 1. Bridging unit (exploring musical processes)
Unit 2. Form and structure (exploring structures)
Unit 3. Soundscapes (exploring acoustic and electronic sounds using music technology)
Unit 4. Musical cycles (exploring cyclic patterns)
Unit 5. Musical cliches (exploring the way music is used)
Unit 6. Shanty time (exploring musical arrangements)
Unit 7. Variations (exploring ways to develop musical ideas)
Unit 8. Jazz improvisation (exploring improvisation)
Unit 9. Music for dance (exploring musical conventions)
Unit 10. Hooks and riffs (exploring riffs, hooks and grounds and the use of music technology)
Unit 11. The overture (exploring introductions and the development of themes)
Unit 12. Bhajan/qawwali (exploring Indian musical genres)
Unit 13. Music and media (exploring how music is used)
Unit 14. The concerto (exploring characteristics of a selected genre)
Unit 15. Song (exploring songs and the use of music technology)

What is this scheme of work?

This scheme shows how the music programme of study for key stage 3 can be translated into manageable units of work.

The scheme is not statutory; you can use as much or as little as you wish. You could use the whole scheme or individual units. The sections on ‘using this scheme’ and ‘sequencing the units’ can help you to decide how you want to use the scheme.

The units are aimed at pupils who are attaining at levels that are broadly appropriate for their age. You may therefore need to adapt them to meet your pupils’ needs. The ‘Adapting units’ section provides guidance on doing this.

You may also wish to combine these units with units from another subject. The ‘Combining units’ section gives information on exploiting powerful links between subjects.