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Design and technology at key stage 3



Unit 06. Transition: building on learning from key stage 2 Focus: transition
Unit 07ai. Understanding materials Focus: food
Unit 07aii. Understanding materials Focus: resistant materials
Unit 07aiii. Understanding materials Focus: textiles
Unit 07bi. Designing and making for yourself Focus: food
Unit 07bii. Designing and making for yourself Focus: resistant materials
Unit 07biii. Designing and making for yourself Focus: textiles
Unit 07c. Using ICT to support researching and designing Focus: ICT (food, resistant materials and textiles)
Unit 07d. Using control to control a display Focus: control and structures
Unit 07e. Activity week (optional)
Unit 08ai. Exploring materials Focus: food
Unit 08aii. Exploring materials Focus: resistant materials
Unit 08aiii. Exploring materials Focus: textiles
Unit 08bi. Designing for clients Focus: food
Unit 08bii. Designing for clients Focus: resistant materials
Unit 08biii. Designing for clients Focus: textiles
Unit 08c. Using ICT to support making Focus: ICT (food, resistant materials, textiles)
Unit 08d. Using control for security Focus: control
Unit 08ei. Producing batches Focus: food
Unit 08eii. Producing batches Focus: resistant materials
Unit 08eiii. Producing batches Focus: textiles
Unit 08f. The world of professional designers (optional)
Unit 09ai. Selecting materials Focus: food
Unit 09aii. Selecting materials Focus: resistant materials
Unit 09aiii. Selecting materials Focus: textiles
Unit 09bi. Designing for markets Focus: food
Unit 09bii. Designing for markets Focus: resistant materials
Unit 09biii. Designing for markets Focus: textiles
Unit 09c. Using ICT to link with the world outside school Focus: ICT (food, resistant materials and textiles)
Unit 09d. Using control for electronic monitoring Focus: control
Unit 09ei. Ensuring quality production Focus: food
Unit 09eii. Ensuring quality production Focus: resistant materials
Unit 09eiii. Ensuring quality production Focus: textiles
Unit 09f. Moving on to key stage 4 Focus: reviewing and target setting

What is this scheme of work?

This scheme shows how the design and technology programme of study for key stage 3 can be translated into manageable units of work.

The scheme is not statutory; you can use as much or as little as you wish. You could use the whole scheme or individual units. The sections on ‘using this scheme’ and ‘sequencing the units’ can help you to decide how you want to use the scheme.

The units are aimed at pupils who are attaining at levels that are broadly appropriate for their age. You may therefore need to adapt them to meet your pupils’ needs. The ‘Adapting units’ section provides guidance on doing this; we have also provided examples of how teachers adapted units.

You may also wish to combine these units with units from another subject. The ‘Combining units’ section gives information on exploiting powerful links between subjects.