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Leading Edge Partnership programme

The High Performing Specialist Schools (HPSS) Programme, launched in 2004, enables high performing schools to play a central reform role within the system, by sharing their expertise and resources with schools locally for the benefit of all young people in the locality.  

The Leading Edge Partnership programme was aligned with the Specialist Schools programme in 2005. The programme is one of the options open to High Performing Specialist Schools, and is now the only route into the programme. Information about HPSS status and the role and expectations of Leading Edge Schools is available in Section 5 of the Specialist Schools guidance document at: 

The Leading Edge Partnership programme is about secondary schools working together to address some of the most critical learning challenges facing the education system . 

We want partnerships to focus on:

o        raising the performance of schools which are struggling to raise standards 

o        closing the achievement gap by addressing issues of under-performance among groups of pupils from poorer socio-economic backgrounds and from particular ethnic minority groups. 

215 Leading Edge Partnerships are already established across nearly 100 local authorities (LAs). 

The Leading Edge programme is managed on behalf of the DCSF by the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust (SSAT).

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