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Federation is a governance structure which provides a firm and flexible basis for extensive school to school partnership working.

When two or more school governing bodies agree to federate they combine to form a single governing body and to discharge their governance responsibilities jointly. It is also possible for governing bodies to agree to collaborate to form a joint committee with delegated powers to make decisions on their behalf. Further Education colleges are able to collaborate with schools through joint committees too.

Federation can support partnership working in a broad variety of contexts. It can provide the structure to support partnerships where one school supports another for the purposes of school improvement and raising standards. Rural and small school schools can benefit from the firm foundation that shared governance offers them as they develop joint leadership and shared service models. Schools seeking to work in partnership on particular issues, for example diploma delivery or extended schools services, can benefit from the accountability arrangements federation offers.

This website offers:

  • Statutory Guidance and Regulations on setting up a Federation (single governing body) or Collaboration (joint committee);
  • Case Studies
  • Guidance on the Process of Federating
  • Contact details for further enquiries