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Welcome to The Research Informed Practice Site (TRIPS)

Site supported by the Innovation Unit

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This site offers easy access to essential research findings for teachers, governors, parents and all those who support them in the education of school age students.

Our aim is to help you make sure that practice and policy in schools, and at a regional and national level, are informed by good and up-to-date evidence.

Grouped under themes such as Assessment and Gender, this site provides accessible digests of research which:

  • use plain language and clear illustrations;
  • allow readers to move simply between different ideas and digests according to their interests; and
  • look at some of the implications for practitioners that arise from the practical questions posed in the digests.

Much of this evidence can found in research journals and other sources that take time, energy and often money to access. This site takes articles from research journals and summarises them with the needs of practitioners in mind.

As we develop this site you will be able to log on for:

  • new digests of the latest research from research journals;
  • new information about current research;
  • news and views from special interest groups;
  • on-going discussion and feedback; and
  • developing links to a range of related sites and resources.




new digests of the latest research from research journals...

How do pupils' beliefs about learning affect their understanding of physics?

The impact of a thinking skills approach (CAME) on students' mathematical ability

Teaching Children How to Use Language to Solve Maths Problems

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