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The Information Fair Trader Scheme

The Information Fair Trader Scheme sets and assesses standards for public sector bodies. It requires them to encourage the re-use of information and reach a standard of fairness and transparency.

There are two levels to the Scheme, Full IFTS Accreditation and IFTS Online Assessment:

For more information about either level please see the links on the left or contact the Standards Team for further information.

What’s new in IFTS

OPSI re-accredits DVLA

The IFTS team visited DVLA in May. DVLA has made progress against the recommendations that were made at the original verification and licenses data to its existing customer base within the guidelines expected by OPSI. While there is a lot of good work taking place on the broad information rights agenda concerning freedom of information, data protection and re-use, there is some improvement required in the co-ordination between those responsible for re-use policy and those who deliver it.

Ordnance Survey, Registers of Scotland and The National Archives reports published

OPSI publishes three IFTS reports, welcoming a new, volunteer member, The National Archives, to the Scheme and re-accrediting Ordnance Survey and Registers of Scotland.

In November 2007, the IFTS team visited Ordnance Survey. Noting the progress that has been made since the last verification, we continue to find that some licensing documentation is opaque and we have made recommendations accordingly. On a positive note, we found that, with the launch of the OS OpenSpaceTM project, the number of avenues for re-using Ordnance Survey data are increasing. We also found a high degree of professionalism on the part of Ordnance Survey staff, with a commitment to apply its policies diligently and fairly.

The team visited The National Archives in December 2007. The National Archives is commended for its overall vision to maximise access to information and the team found several examples of good practice. The IFTS recommendations made will further improve on this and The National Archives has been accredited to the scheme as a voluntary member.

The team visited Registers of Scotland in February 2008. It has taken significant steps to formalise licensing activity since the initial accreditation, with particular regard to the implementation of standardised contracts. It has a sound, competent approach to licensing, especially with regard to openness and fairness.

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