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International and European aviation organisations

International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO)
One of ICAO's chief activities is the establishment of international standards, recommended practices and procedures covering the technical fields of aviation.

European Aviation Safety Agency
Web site of the newly created European Aviation Safety Agency which has responsibilities for aviation safety rule-making in the Community and the certification of certain products and organisations in the Community.

European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC)
The European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) is a non-regulatory intergovernmental organisation representing 41 European countries whose aim is to promote the continued development of a safe, efficient and sustainable European air transport system. It has close links with the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO).

Architect and manager of air traffic management in Europe (41 States).

UK aviation organisations

Airport Operators Association (AOA)
The Airport Operators Association (AOA) is the trade association that represents the interests of British airports and is the principal body with whom the UK Government and regulatory authorities consult on airport matters.

The largest single airport operator in the world including seven airports in the UK.

British Air Transport Association (BATA)
The British Air Transport Association represents the UK airline industry, including both scheduled and charter operators.

General Aviation Manufacturers and Traders Association (GAMTA)
The General Aviation Manufacturers and Traders Association represents the interests of non-airline commercial aviation businesses.

National Air Traffic Services (NATS)
Air traffic services for aircraft flying in UK airspace and the Eastern part of the North Atlantic.

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