Research Councils UK

Launched on 1 May 2002 Research Councils UK (RCUK) is a strategic partnership of the eight UK Research Councils. RCUK work scientifically, strategically and operationally alongside the Office of Science and Technology to champion research, training and innovation in the UK. The partnership is led by the RCUK Executive Group comprising the Chief Executives of the research Councils.

Research Councils are the main public investors in fundamental research in the UK covering a wide range of disciplines including bio-medicine, particle physics, the environment, engineering and economic and social research. RCUK works in conjunction with OSI to support the UK’s finest academic researchers to ensure the best investment of public money in scientific research excellence.

The OST 2004 Review of RCUK recommended some re-organisation of the RCUK top level management functions. The report and implementation plan can be found under related documents. New arrangements for operation of RCUK came into force in April 2005. Under the new system, the RCUK Executive Group is responsible for all operational matters. This group meets monthly and is chaired by a Chief Executive, selected by its members.