Science and Innovation Investment Framework 2004-2014 Next Steps

Science and Innovation Investment Framework 2004-2014: Next Steps sets out the Government’s thoughts on the long-term challenges facing UK science and innovation, and the next steps to build on the Science and Innovation Investment Framework 2004-2014. The document sets out a range of new proposals designed to create a more effective science and innovation system in the UK, and maximise the impact of public investment in research on the economy.

Consultation responses were invited by 16 June 2006 on proposals outlined in Chapter 2, “Maximising the impact of science on innovation” and Chapter 3, “Improving Research Councils’ effectiveness”.

As outlined in chapter 5 of the Science and Innovation Investment Framework 2004-2014, the Government intends to maximise the impact of the Medical Research Council's (MRC) funded medical research and the DH's R&D budget by creating a single jointly held health research fund. In March 2006 Sir David Cooksey was asked to lead a review of the issues and advise Government on the best design and institutional arrangements for public funding of health research in the UK. The review included a consultation with a wide range of stakeholders. The Cooksey Report was published on 6 December 2006 and can be accessed under external links on the right. 



Summary of responses published 25 July 2006 - see Related Documents.