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Reliable Project Delivery

The Reliable Project Delivery programme is a key element of the ‘Transformational Government Enabled by Technology’ Strategy and has been set up to develop measures to increase the success rate of the government’s major IT related programmes and projects.

To ensure that we Do The Right Projects we are working with the government CIOs and their organisations to introduce a Common Approach to Portfolio Management across all government. This will enable us to:

Doing the right projects is only part of the story. Once we know we have identified them we to need to make sure that we tackle them in ways that create the best chance of achieving success and delivery of the benefits they set out to achieve. To ensure that we Do Projects Right we are working with the CIOs to develop and implement Robust Control and Governance across government to:

The development of these new measures will take account of of those already developed or under development by the Office of Government Commerce including the Gateway™ Review process and of good practices already in use in a number of public sector organisations. We will continue to work closely with the Office of Government Commerce to ensure that together we provide a coherent, unambiguous and complementary set of measures.

The programme also provides the focus for Delivery and Transformation Group’s direct engagement with those individual IT programmes and projects requiring support and for the identification of major successful IT projects from which lessons can be learned and passed on through our community.