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The Migration Histories gallery looks at the experiences of people from the following communities.
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For each community the gallery will explore the following themes:

  • What was it like in the country of origin and why did people choose to move to England ?
  • What was the journey like ?
  • What were people's experiences of arriving and settling in England ?
  • How do people reconnect with their (or their parents') countries of origin ?
Collected together here for the first time are documents, photographs, sound and film clips selected by curators and researchers at archives and museums all over England. These incredible fragments of history are presented by specialist writers and historians and available for you to download.

You can:

  • Download records, newspapers and photographs that tell the stories of migration.
  • Discover the different reasons why people came to England through case studies.
  • Listen to people's personal experiences of the different receptions they faced when arriving in England, and the struggle to create a new home.
  • Search the catalogue for associated material
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