International issues

The Government aims to promote UK economic prospects by pursuing increased productivity and efficiency in the EU, international financial stability and increased global prosperity, including especially protecting the most vulnerable. This section contains links to documents, publications and relevant websites, including Meeting the Challenge: Economic Reform and UK statements to the IMFC.

Action against terrorist financing
The UK Government is fully committed to freezing the assets of terrorists and has a range of powers enabling it to do so.
Commonwealth Education Fund
Helping Commonwealth Developing Countries to meet the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).
EU information
Documents and publications relating to EU economics and finances.
European economic reform
At the Lisbon European Council in 2000, Europe's leaders committed themselves to an ambitious ten-year strategy for economic reform.
Global economic challenges
Challenges for the UK and Europe in the face of new global economic trends
Hosting the World Cup: A Feasibility Study
The Government's official study into the feasibility of hosting a World Cup.
International development
International poverty reduction.
International institutions
International Monetary Fund (IMF).
International Trade
Features the May 2004 publication Trade and the Global Economy
The Euro
The UK government's policy on Economic and Monetary Union (EMU)