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This page provides links to relevant Defra announcements during and before the Bali Conference, and to some related websites and resources:

1. Defra announcements and news releases

  • Speech by Hilary Benn to the Thirteenth Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (13 December 2007)
  • Consultation on Article 5 of the Energy End Use Efficiency and Energy Services Directive 2006/32/EC; associated news release (13 December 2007)
    Defra has set out options for improving energy efficiency across the public sector in a consultation document. It encourages the public sector to lead the way in energy efficiency and asks respondents to suggest which, of at least two measures linked to energy efficiency procurement, should be implemented across the UK under the EU’s Energy Services Directive. The Government will then decide which measures will be introduced next Spring.
  • Springboard initiative for the carbon market in Africa (News Release) (12 December 2007)
    This scheme to boost sustainable development and carbon market investment in Africa was announced on 12 December 2007 at the UN Climate Conference in Bali by UK Environment Secretary Hilary Benn. The African Springboard – a partnership between the UK Government and major UK-based financial firms – will be a for-profit company to develop Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects in sub-Saharan African countries that have so far benefited little from carbon market investment.
  • UK Announces New Study on Climate Change Adaptation at Bali (News Release) (11 December 2007)
    The UK and Netherlands, together with the World Bank, announced funding of up to £3 million (€4 million) for a new research study that will support developing countries to prepare for climate change - helping them understand the costs of adaptation and how to prepare for the impacts of climate change.
  • UK pledges $30 million to tackle deforestation (News Release) (11 December 2007)
    The United Kingdom will contribute £15 million ($30 million) to a groundbreaking initiative to reduce the impact of deforestation on the world’s climate.  The World Bank’s Forest Carbon Partnership Facility will support developing countries to participate in pilot programmes that reduce emissions from deforestation. 
  • UK 21st Century Climate Change Scenarios (2008) (see also this News Release) (7 December 2007)
  • The UK 21st Century Climate Change Scenarios (2008), or UKCIP08 for short, when launched in October 2008 will offer a package of future climate information for the UK based on a new probabilistic methodology devised by the Met Office Hadley Centre. UKCIP08 will give probabilistic projections of climate change up to 2099 over both land and sea.
  • Statement on a Post-2012 framework to tackle climate change (19 November 2007)

2.  Other useful websites and resources

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