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About RSS feeds

This Bali Diary gives you the option of subscribing to a news feed (typically known as an “RSS feed”). This allows you to see when new content has been added.

When you subscribe to a feed, new content is sent (or ’syndicated’) directly to your computer or handheld device when it is added to the site.

Feed formats

This site offers two popular feed formats: RSS (Really Simple Syndication) and Atom.

You can use either format to receive exactly the same information.

There are links to both feeds in the left-hand navigation, although most feed readers should detect the feeds automatically.

Viewing or reading the feed

To view feeds you will need to use browser-based or online tools or services, or you may want to install feed reader (also known as ‘aggregator’ or ‘news reader’) software on your computer.

A range of free programs are available. Setting up a feed differs from one reader to another, but it generally involves copying the URL of the feed from the address bar on your browser and pasting it into the reader.

Some of the available news reader tools or services include the following:

Web browsers:

Some web browsers, including current versions of Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer (for PC) and Safari (for Mac), automatically check for feeds when you visit a website, and display an icon when they find one. You need to check the instructions for the relevant web browser for more information.

Web based readers

For PC users

For Mac users

You can also look at the many others available by searching the Internet with your preferred search engine. Once installed, follow the program’s instructions to get your RSS feeds up and running.

Defra does not support software or tools such as these, and regrets that we cannot assist with their installation or enter into correspondence about using feed reader software.

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