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Apply for Child Maintenance (forms CSF001, CSF002, CSF003 and CSF004)

Download a Child Maintenance application form or register online with the Child Support Agency. This online service is available in England, Scotland and Wales only.


Child Maintenance is money paid by a 'non-resident' parent to help you with the cost of bringing up their child.  So if you have day-to-day care of a child whose other parent lives elsewhere - that parent should give you money for the child. The Child Support Agency (CSA) can work out Child Maintenance for you and arrange to collect it.

The Child Maintenance page explains who is and isn't eligible and how to apply or appeal.

How to use this service

To apply for Child Maintenance you can:

  • register online and the CSA will call you for details
  • download an application form from the CSA website
  • contact the CSA National Helpline on 08457 133 133

To access the form you will need a copy of Adobe Reader. Information on how to download this for free is available on the right panel of this page. 

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