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Joint statement from Avon and Somerset Constabulary and the Crown Prosecution Service - Man charged under the Terrorism Act

29 April 2008

Assistant Chief Constable Jackie Roberts has today announced that the Crown Prosecution Service has authorised charges against ANDREW PHILIP MICHAEL IBRAHIM, otherwise known as ISA IBRAHIM aged 19, of 44 Comb Paddock, Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol.

He has been charged with the following offences.

  1. Possession of an Explosive Substance with Intent, contrary to section 3 (1)(b) of Explosive Substances Act 1883

    Andrew Philip Michael IBRAHIM/Isa IBRAHIM between the 1st day of January 2008 and the 18th day of April 2008 unlawfully or maliciously made or had in his possession or under his control an explosive substance namely Hexamethylene Triperoxied Diamine with intent by means thereof to endanger life or cause serious injury to property in the United Kingdom.

  2. Engaging in Conduct with the Intention to Commit Acts of Terrorism contrary to section 5(1) of the Terrorism Act 2006

    Andrew Philip Michael IBRAHIM/Isa IBRAHIM between the 1st day of January 2008 and the 18th day of April 2008 with the intention of committing acts of terrorism engaged in conduct to give effect to his intention to construct and detonate an improvised explosive device.

  3. Possession of Articles for Terrorist Purposes, contrary to section 57(1) of the Terrorism Act 2000

    Andrew Philip Michael IBRAHIM/Isa IBRAHIM on the 17th day of April 2008 had in his possession a CD Rom, two home made vests, a quantity of ball bearings, a quantity of air gun pellets, a quantity of nails and screws, wired circuitry, batteries and electric bulb filaments in circumstances that gave rise to a reasonable suspicion that his possession was for a purpose connected with the commission, preparation or instigation of an act of terrorism.

Following these charges, IBRAHIM is due to appear at City of Westminster Magistrates Court in London tomorrow morning, Wednesday, April 30.

ACC Jackie Roberts continued: "This has been a very challenging and complex investigation for Avon and Somerset Police, with much work still to be done.

"Significant amounts of material including numerous computers and associated media has been recovered together with what we believe to be bomb making components likely to cause harm.

"Over the past two weeks over 100 officers have been working on the enquiry with additional specialist support from our colleagues at the Metropolitan Police Service."

Sue Hemming head of the CPS Counter Terrorism Division said: "The Counter Terrorism Division was briefed on this operation shortly after the arrest took place. A senior CPS lawyer has been working closely with the Avon and Somerset Police in Bristol since we were briefed. We have been carefully examining and assessing the evidence against IBRAHIM in order to come to a charging decision at the earliest opportunity and have now decided that there iss sufficient evidence and authorised three charges.

"We would like to remind the media of the need to take care in reporting events surrounding these alleged charges. This individual is only accused of these offences and he has a right to a fair trial. It is extremely important that there should be responsible media reporting which should not prejudice the due process of law."

ACC Jackie Roberts reiterated that there will be no further statements in relation to the investigation from Avon and Somerset Constabulary in relation to the charges but took the opportunity thank a number of people who had been involved over the past fortnight.

ACC Roberts said: "Firstly I would like to thank the residents of Comb Paddock and the surrounding streets for their patience and support during what must have been a worrying and disruptive fortnight.

"They have acted with good humour and consideration throughout this enquiry - often under the spotlight of the national media.

"Our thanks should also go to the Muslim communities of Bristol and the wider Avon and Somerset area. Over the course of our enquiries there has been lots of media speculation about the suspect, his identity and his beliefs.

"I want to reiterate that unhelpful media speculation will serve only to increase fear amongst our communities and have a detrimental affect upon community relations and the investigative process.

"We have been in regular contact with all community leaders who have given their support to the police investigation and we thank them for that. Today we have another member of the community, Zaheer SHABIR, who represents the Council of Bristol Mosques, who would like to make a statement to you all. (Separate statement available on the Avon and Somerset police website.)

"I also wanted to say something regarding the response of the people and the local businesses of Bristol in the city of Bristol who have responded to this in a very mature and considered way and we can be rightly proud of this.

"It is also important that I formally recognise the contribution of our staff both in Avon and Somerset Constabulary and our partner agencies for their tireless professionalism and dedication over what has been a challenging few weeks.

"The last two weeks has given us the opportunity to put into practice much of the training and the learning that we have undertaken over recent years in order to respond to an incident of this nature.

"Protecting the public of Avon and Somerset has always been our primary duty and I am pleased to say that we have on this occasion provided that protection.

"However I would urge the community not to be complacent about any activity - the basis is, trust your instincts and if you suspect it, report it.

"It is important that we remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity to the relevant authorities via the Anti-Terrorist Hotline. As always the message today is to be alert but not alarmed."

If anyone has information they believe could help with this enquiry they are asked to contact the Anti-Terrorist Hotline on 0800 789 321.