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David Miliband

Foreign Secretary

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Wednesday 23 July, 2008

European Action 2: Iran

Ministers in Brussels also agreed to follow up Saturday’s inconclusive meeting with the Iranian nuclear representative with further sanctions on the Iranian regime to implement the articles of UN Resolution 1803, for example putting extra sanctions on the sale of dual use goods to Iran.  The position was simple: we have an obligation to weigh in to make clear to Iran the choice it faces, between engagement in a freeze and then suspension of its nuclear programme with the benefits it brings (including civilian nuclear power), and defiance and go-it-alone which means more sanctions.   Saturday’s meeting gave a two week deadline to the Iranian government to answer the package put to them for engagement and cooperation.  It cannot come soon enough.

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Mr Miliband, Javier Solana has emerged from this meeting saying that the EU has agreed there is "no other route" than diplomacy in dealing with Iran yet the Prime Minister said yetserday in the Commons that "I do not rule out any options in relation to Iran". Obviously, we all favour a diplomatic solution if it is at all possible, but there is a definite contradiction between what Mr Solana has said diplomacy and nothing else and what the Prime Minister has said nothing ruled out. Is Mr Solana merely expressing his own view or is it the EU settled opinion that "no other route" exists in dealing with Iran? If it is the former, with what authority does Mr Solana speak and does this not show the dangers of having an EU foreign minister as envisaged by the Lisbon Treaty who can make pronoucements without the agreement of member states? If the latter, why did the prime minister say that no options are ruled out? What is HMG's position?

Posted by Andrew Spencer on July 23, 2008 at 05:27 PM BST #

Dear Mr. Miliband After failing in Iraq and Afghanistan it is now time to really think about the outcomes of UK and USA aggressive actions on Iran which would finally lead the region to another war. But this time believe me there shall not remain a way out of trouble because Iran is no Iraq or Afghanistan and their mighty military power would threat the UK and US interests in the Middle East and would adversely affect the whole world. You know and every one in your government truly knows that Iran has no intention for a nuke bomb and they are using this nuclear issue to stay in the centre of attention although for wrong reasons to find international and national sympathy to stabilise their regime. You going to war with Iran would not only empower them in the whole Muslim world but they would also gain sympathy from many other countries whose national interest are threated by imperialist regimes. There is no single week that you don’t hear about a British or American troop killed in Iraq and Afghanistan so if you don’t care about the Muslim blood please care about your own people’s blood and do not sacrifice your youth to achieve political goals because everyone knows that war in Iraq and Afghanistan not only did not brought peace from terrorism in UK but it resulted in London bombings. May God guide us all to the right path and I shall wish you all the best in your future political career as the next potential prime minister

Posted by Ali on July 30, 2008 at 10:59 PM BST #

Mr Miliband I heard you talking about Iran on the Jeremy Vine show. I was interested to hear you saying exactly the same thing as the retiring Israeli ambassador to the UN had said on Newsnight a week or so ago. You both say that most of the Arab regimes are as worried about Iran's power let's not confine it to nuclear power as are Israel and the West. You both also justify Israel in its many aggressive acts against the Arabs on the basis that it is the only democracy in the Middle East. So logically you are justifying your position by saying you have the support of the undemocratic Arab monarchies and dictatorships, not of the unrepresented peoples of their countries. Is that really a justification you feel happy in using? I thought you had the reputation for being rather clever.

Posted by George on August 01, 2008 at 03:25 PM BST #

George, I kind of see what you are getting at. This is all a bit complication, and its not all about being clever. Sanctions should certainly be implaced, iran cannot be allowed to go nuclear.

Posted by Dexter Johnas on August 01, 2008 at 11:31 PM BST #

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