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Health and safety in the cleaning industry

The cleaning industry employs very large numbers of people in all sectors of the economy, from offices to factories, schools to hospitals, shops to aircraft. The range of work covers all cleaning activities from dusting and vacuuming to cleaning windows, factory roofs and industrial equipment.

This website provides occupational health and safety advice for those people working in the cleaning industry. It also provides links to the Cleaning Industry Liaison Forum, which is an HSE chaired committee comprising of industry trade associations, training bodies and trade unions.

The most common types of accidents in the cleaning industry are:

The main health risks affecting the industry are:

Example risk assessments

We have produced some example risk assessments to help you see what a risk assessment might look like. They hopefully make clear that a risk assessment should be about identifying practical actions that protect people from harm and injury, not a bureaucratic experience. We believe that for the great majority of risk assessments, short bullet points work well.

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