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History and Archaeology

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Icon for Factsheets History of Dartmoor - Dartmoor Factsheet
Here are some selected dates in the history of Dartmoor. Read more.

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Icon for Factsheets History and Development of the DNPA - Dartmoor Factsheet
The development of National Parks in the UK can be traced over a period of 150 years in response to three main driving forces. Read more

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Icon for Factsheets Prehistoric Archaeology - Dartmoor Factsheet
Dartmoor National Park covers an area of 368 square miles (954 sq km) and contains the largest concentration of Bronze Age remains in the country. The reason for the survival of so many archaeological remains within the National Park is due to the fact that many of the structures were built of granite, a very durable stone, and also because human activity on the moor in later centuries was not intense. Read more.

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Icon for Factsheets Dartmoor's Past Tin Industry - Dartmoor Factsheet
There is a long history of extracting tin from Dartmoor. The earliest form of extraction was by streaming - taking alluvial tin from the stream and river beds. The first written record of tin streaming dates back to the 12th century.  Read more.

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Icon for Leaflets A Guide to the Archaeology of the Open Moor - Dartmoor Leaflet
The history of human activity on Dartmoor goes back more than 10,000 years, although the visible remains date from about 4,000 BC to the present. Here people have lived, farmed, worked stone and minerals, practised their religion and buried their dead. Read more.

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