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Web accessibility means that people with disabilities can use the Web.

This website is designed to meet a wide range of accessibility requirements and we are keen to hear from you if you have any specific access needs. Please use the Contact us section if you have any feedback or suggestions.  

The following information will help you to get the best out of our website.

Making text larger

Most internet browsers allow you to change the size of the text:

Internet Explorer

  • Go to the View menu using your mouse or by pressing Alt V.
  • Select the Text Size option using your mouse or by pressing X.
  • Choose your preferred text size using your mouse or by using the up and down arrow keys and pressing Enter or by clicking on it.


The following instructions will set the minimum font size on your computer's system, so the size will apply to every site you visit.

  • Go to Tools in your browser's menu using your mouse or press Alt T.
  • Click on Options, or press O, to open the Options dialog box.
  • Select General if not already selected or press the tab key until it is highlighted (in blue) and then press Enter.
  • Click on Fonts & Colors, or press F, to open the Fonts and Colors dialog box
  • Click on Minimum font size box or press Alt Z. Use the cursor keys (up and down arrows) to select a new font size and press Enter.
  • Click on the Always use my: Fonts checkbox, or tab to it and then press the spacebar.
  • Click the OK button or press Enter.
  • Click the OK button or tab to the OK button and press Enter

Using your keyboard to navigate our website

Access keys

We have used access keys on our website in order to allow you to navigate as directly as possible to your desired location using your keyboard.

The following access keys are available on this website:

Prison Information = i

Advice & Support = s

Careers & Jobs = c

News = n

Resource Centre = r

About the Service = a

How to use access keys

Different browsers may require slightly different key combinations to use an access key.

PC - Internet Explorer 5 and above

Hold down the ALT key, press the number or letter of the access key, release both keys then press ENTER.

PC - Internet Explorer 4

Hold down the ALT key and press the number or letter of the access key.

Mac - Internet Explorer 5

Hold down the CTRL key and press the number or letter of the access key.

Mac - Internet Explorer 4.5

Access keys are not supported

Netscape 6

Hold down the ALT key and select the number or letter of the access key.

Netscape (earlier versions)

Access keys are not supported


Hold down the ALT key and press the number or letter of the access key

Firefox 2

If you use Firefox 2, you will need to press shift and Alt at the same time as the access key number or letter e.g. shift Alt i to go to the prison information page.

Hearing our website

If you are using a screen reader we hope that you will find our meaningful headings, link text and alternative text helpful in navigating our website.

Accessing PDF files

Many documents on this site are in PDF format (Portable Document Format). If you don't have a PDF reader on your computer you can download the software for free from www.adobe.com.

If you have problems accessing a PDF on this site then please contact us.

For further information on web accessibility and the use of assistive technologies, please visit the BBC My Website My Way website.

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