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Ninth Meeting 2 October 2007
Reference material has now been published from the ninth meeting. View papers here.

The Advisory Panel on Country Information (APCI) is an independent body established under the Nationality Asylum and Immigration Act 2002, "to consider and make recommendations to the Secretary of State about the content of country information”

The Home Office produces information about conditions in asylum seekers' countries of origin for use by caseworkers and others involved in processing asylum applications. The function of the Advisory Panel is to review and provide advice about the country of origin information material produced by the Home Office, to help ensure that it is as accurate, balanced, impartial and up to date as possible.

The Advisory Panel is chaired by Dr Khalid Koser.

Membership of the Advisory Panel is made up of individuals and organisations operating in the country information and / or the refugee fields. All papers and minutes of Panel's meetings are published on this site.

The Advisory Panel welcomes comments on Home Office Country of Origin Information material. Comments should be sent by email to apci@homeoffice.gsi.gov.uk.

Please do not send comments regarding asylum operational or policy matters as these do not fall within the remit of the Advisory Panel and will not be responded to.

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