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FE and Skills E-newsletter

The FE and Skills E-newsletter is a direct news and information link from DIUS to the further education and skills sector and will be produced on a regular basis as part of our continued efforts to improve communications with FE and skills providers and partners. The newsletter is for all colleges and providers, adult education services and partner organisations. It aims to keep you updated on the latest developments in FE and Skills policy and to let you know how DIUS, as a new and innovative Department is developing its role.

How to subscribe

To subscribe to this newsletter please complete our brief online subscription form. Please note that we may contact you to obtain further details at a later date.

How to submit an article:

Proposed dates for circulation of the FE & Skills e-Newsletter are listed below, together with deadlines for submission of articles. Please note that the circulation dates are subject to change should important items and / or events arise.

Circulation date Article submission deadline
Tuesday 17th June 2008 Friday 6th June 2008
Tuesday 15th July 2008 Friday 4th July 2008
Tuesday 12th August 2008 Friday 1st August 2008
Tuesday 16th September 2008 Friday 5th September 2008
Tuesday 14th October 2008 Friday 3rd October 2008

To submit an article please contact to request a template. Please note that a gateway group reviews all article submissions and that inclusion of your article in the newsletter is not guaranteed.