Department for Children, Schools and Families
Make a complaint

How to make a complaint

You can make a complaint by writing, fax, e-mail, telephone or in person (by appointment please).

If you are writing or faxing your complaint, please provide your telephone number if a response by telephone would be convenient.

If you are e-mailing, please state if a reply by telephone is acceptable or if a response by e-mail is required, if not, please provide your full postal address.

If you know the part of the Department which is relevant to your complaint, or the name or title of an appropriate member of staff, please make your complaint direct to them.

If you do not have this information please contact the Departments Public Communications Unit who will give you the contact details for the most appropriate person.

Public Communications Unit,
Department for Children, Schools and Families,
Sanctuary Buildings,
Great Smith Street,
London. SW1P 3BT

Tel. 0870 000 2288
Textphone/Minicom 01928 79 4274
Fax. 01928 79 4248

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