Family Records is committed to making its websites as accessible as possible to users with visual, hearing, motor or cognitive impairments.

Accessibility features

The design of our websites includes a number of accessibility features including:

Adjusting text size

The text on our pages can be made larger by doing the following:

Internet Explorer v7

  1. Select the Page menu
  2. Select Text Size
  3. Select your choice of Largest, Larger, Medium, Smaller, Smallest text sizes

Netscape Navigator v4.0+

  1. Select the View menu on your browser
  2. Select either Increase Font or Decrease Font to achieve the desired font size

Netscape in Netscape v6.0+

  1. Select the View menu on your browser
  2. Scroll to Text Zoom
  3. Select the desired text size

We would like to hear from you if you have had trouble with the text size on this website. Please tell us your operating system, for example “Windows XP” your browser, for example “Internet Explorer 5.5” and your Internet Service Provider, for example “AOL” or “BT”. We would also like to know what size you have chosen as your browser text size, for example “medium”.

Access keys

Access keys are keyboard shortcuts for the important or frequently used pages of the site.

To use access keys, hold down the "Alt" key (on PC) or "Ctrl" key (on Apple Mac) and the relevant number or letter listed below and then press the "enter" or "return" key.

Unless you are a Mozilla or Netscape user in which case you need to press Alt and the relevant number or letter from the list below but do not need to press enter.

If you are using Firefox you need to press Alt + shift + the letter or number from the list below.

Access Key Action
S Skip navigation
1 Home page
2 Site map
4 Search
8 Terms
9 Contact Info
0 Accessibility page (i.e. this page)

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Further help

Do you need more help in making the web easier to use? Visit the MyWeb websiteExternal website - opens in a new window